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15th Mar, 2023

With her beautiful appearance at the Oscars, renowned Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone has made a lot of noise online. To the excitement of her supporters and fans of Indian cinema, the Om Shanti Om actress attended the Oscars 2023 ceremony as one of the presenters. As always, Deepika Padukone looked just lovely in her custom-made black Louis Vuitton gown, which she teamed with iconic diamond jewellery by Cartier. But, it is her new tattoo, which has now attracted the attention of netizens.

The Bollywood star can be seen showing off her brand-new neck tattoo in some gorgeous photos she posted on her official Instagram account of her outfit for the Oscar 2023 event. On the left side of her neck, just below her ear, Deepika Padukone had the name of her skincare line, 82°E, tattooed. This name was inspired by the meridian that runs longitudinally through India. The understated but lovely tattoo also symbolises Deepika's character as an Indian woman with a broad appeal. The latest tattoo on the Fighter actress has body art enthusiasts going crazy online.

For the information, Deepika Padukone has always owned an amazing affinity for body art and tattoos, for a very long time. You may be aware that the actress once had a tattoo on her nape, but it has been a very long time since anyone has seen it. Deepika also has a few other tattoos, one of which is a stunning anklet.