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1st Mar, 2023

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are one of the most well-liked and adored celebrity couples. They got married in December 2017, and in the five years since then, their love has only grown. In January 2021, Virat and Anushka welcomed their baby Vamika and embraced parenting. They have been keeping her out of the spotlight, but they frequently post adorable pictures of their time with her on Instagram. Anushka and Virat frequently show fans glimpses of the quality time they spend with Vamika without exposing her face. Anushka Sharma has made numerous sacrifices over the last two years, and Virat recently said that she is an inspiration to him.

In his recent shared podcast, Virat Kohli revealed that in the past two years, as a mother, Anushka Sharma has made sacrifices that have been ‘massive’. He realized that whatever problems he had, were nothing in comparison. He also revealed that so long as your family loves you for who you are, you don’t expect much as that is the basic requirement. Admiring his wife, he told that Anushka has been a huge inspiration for him and he has changed for the better ever since he fell in love with her. Virat stated that his life had a completely different perspective earlier, but then after falling for Anushka, he started processing changes with him.

Virat posted that Anushka’s outlook towards life was different, and it changed him for the better and he became more accepting of things.