27th Feb, 2023

The recently released film Selfie, in which Akshay Kumar stars, is headed for failure. The movie made Rs 2.55 crore on its opening day and Rs 3.80 crore on day two, bringing its total revenue to Rs 6.35 crore. In addition to Bachchhan Paandey, Samrat Prithviraj, Raksha Bandhan, and Ram Setu, Selfiee will be Akshay's fifth consecutive failure. The Khilaadi actor, who is renowned for acting in back-to-back films, has been unable to deliver a hit for a very long time.

Yet, Akshay feels that in order to win over the audience, he needs to change his style of scripts as his fans also demand something new.

During a media chat, Akshay revealed, "When a film does not turn out to be good, it because of your own fault. I had 16 consecutive flops at a time in my career. This time I had 4 films that didnt work out well. One needs to work on himself as the audience wants to see something different". He further revealed, "If your films face consecutive flops, then you should release that its an alarm for you to change. My films proved to be flop because of me not because of the audiences.”