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30th Dec, 2022

Janhvi Kapoor is one of the most successful star kids in Bollywood. Recently, in a media chat she opened about various topics as doing comedy films, box office and comparison with mother late Sridevi. 

About box office success, the Dhadak star said, “Yes I was. More than anything my naive outlook of if a film is good and made with good intentions, it’ll do well and connect- it was kind of shattered a bit. Because I think it also matters what kind of good film you are, and what kind of things you’re offering to a theatrical audience, so it was a learning process. But I stand by the film; I feel a lot of pride that I was a part of it and with what we made. I hope more people see it once it’s out on Netflix.”

On comparing with her mother late Sridevi, she revealed, “It definitely feels like there are more positive comparisons than negative ones. The tonality is more, ‘Oh, this of Janhvi reminds me of her mother.’ As opposed to, ‘She’s so shit compared to her mother.’ So while it feels definitely more positive, I do obviously realise there are still many people to win over. And I will. I have that much faith in myself, my craft and my hard work.”

On doing comedy films, she the Roohi star revealed, “I really want to do comedy!!! And I really want to dance; I’ve been dying to dance. Or a period film. But comedy first, with lots of dancing”