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22nd Dec, 2022

Well-known Ranveer Singh is one of the most gifted stars in Bollywood. Recently, Ranveer Singh clocked 12 years in Bollywood. While we feel Ranveer can do any role in any film, the Band Baaja Baaraat actor shared about which genre he feels is difficult to work in. 

In a media chat, Ranveer Singh was asked whether any genre is left untapped by him as an actor. He replied, “Is there any genre left? I think I have covered all of them.”

Recently, some enthusiasts present in the spectators said that the actor has not been a part of any horror film. Ranveer responded, “Horror toh main dekhta hee nahi. (I do not watch horror films). Meri phat ti hai. Kasam Se. (translated as 'I feel scared. I promise.') Deepika watches a lot of content on OTT platforms. She had a bright idea of watching Jeffrey Dahmer’s films based on one serial killer. So, whenever we plan to sleep after watching the movie in the hall at our home, we both feel very wary of each other.”

“We then walk at a certain pace…if the door closes…then we look at each other and then she asks me to dim the lights. So all this eeriness, I don’t do. I don’t watch horror as a genre. Plus, I don’t know how to act in a horror film. How can you act in a horror film? How can you act terrified? Some people can do it. I think it will be a nice challenge. Horror is not my genre. The film Scarface’s character inspired makers to make the Vaastav. So, I’d love to do a gangster film. Gunday was kind of a gangster film in which I was playing the lead role opposite Arjun Kapoor. I hope to get more,” he further revealed.