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11th Nov, 2022

South diva Samantha Ruth Prabhu opened up about playing another powerful character in her much-anticipated movie, Yashoda. Directed by Hari-Harish, Samantha will be seen playing a powerful character in the edge-of-the-seat thriller. 

Sharing about her journey and experience of shooting the movie, Samantha reveals, "When I heard the story for the first time, it gave me chills. And that’s why and when I knew I wanted to do this role. Once I said yes to it, and once we were on the sets, it was all about taking it one day at a time and ensuring that we are delivering the emotion while shooting the talkies and delivering the punches while shooting action. And Hari-Harish were a delight to work with because they truly believed in the story and the message that they wanted to put out there. I can’t tell you what that is, you will have to watch the movie to understand what drove this director duo to tell a story like this. And I am glad I got to be a part of it too." 

On bring people to the theatres, the Majili actress revealed, "One can't deny the fact that the audiences’ viewing pattern has changed massively due to the pandemic and the lockdowns. It is getting harder for filmmakers to bring people to the theatres, as they have all gotten used to waiting for the movies to hit the streaming platforms. And so as filmmakers and actors, we have been forced to rethink and rewrite. In that sense when I heard Yashoda and began working on it and even now when I have seen the final cut, I feel like this movie is for sure a theatrical experience. Be it the world, the setup, the visuals and the thrills, it’s definitely an immersive watch that deserves to be experienced on the big screen and with the right kind of audio to really experience it fully." She opened up on Yashoda having all the elements to pull the audience to cinema halls.

Film Yashoda is releasing tomorrow, November 11.