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18th Oct, 2022

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is one of the popular actresses in the Hindi film industry. Beside acting, the Bollywood diva also tried her hand at the cosmetic business. She began her makeup brand three years ago and today, she has ended up becoming a successful beauty entrepreneur. In fact, it's India's first makeup line that is owned by a star. 

Recently, on her beauty brand's third anniversary, Katrina talked about her successful stint. Katrina's beauty brand is one of the most loved brands among people. Even the celebrities are often seen admiring her brand. The actress revealed about the challenges she faced while forming her brand considering the makeup industry is a very competitive business. She disclosed that makeup has been her passion and she was obsessed from the beginning. The Ek Tha Tiger actress revealed, "I think one amazing thing about my brand is we are India's first makeup brand that is owned by a celebrity. I think what came with that was people came with a very open mind. They weren't comparing to somebody else or something already existing. So that allowed us to have a clean slate in a way. The confidence I think that I have always had about my brand is that make up for me has always been a passion of mine." 

Katrina further revealed, "Some girls are obsessed with handbags, some people are obsessed with cars and some are obsessed with clothes, for me, it's always been makeup. I have done a lot of my makeup in my films throughout my career. So many of my movies or songs you would have seen, I have done the makeup on my own. It was only later that now I started using the wonderful makeup artists I work with. So the knowledge that I had about makeup and consistencies in the formulas I knew, it's kind of like you are entering a domain where you know you have knowledge in that domain. So you feel like you belong there in a way and feel confident about standing in that domain."