11th Oct, 2022

Well-known actor and producer Mukesh Khanna is one of the multifaceted actors in Hindi film industry. He is best known for playing Shaktimaan and Bhishma Pitamaha. The veteran actor has always believed in voicing his opinions openly regarding any topic. 

Lately, Prabhas, Saif Ali Khan, Kriti Sanon, and Sunny Singh starrer Adipurush's teaser was released, and seems like Mukesh Khanna is not happy with the depiction of the characters and the concept of the movie. After viewing the teaser, Mukesh posted a video on his YouTube channel 'Bheeshm International' sharing his anger against ‘Adipurush’. 

In his YouTube video, the veteran star responded to the teaser of Adipurush and criticized Saif Ali Khan, he told, "Saif Ali Khan had proudly shared that 'I'm doing Raavan's role and I'm going to make this character humorous.' It is ok, an actor can play any role and give it his own shade it is the right of every actor and it is his space. But, if you say that you are making Ramayan then it is clear that you are taking advantage of Ramayan and also the belief people have towards Ramayan. If you say that you want to change Raavan's character so a real Hindu will definitely be surprised to know this. Just like me. Who are you to change the characterization of our characters?".

Talking about the other characters, the Tahalka star posted that the depiction of the other characters in Adipursh is also questionable and told that no characters look like themselves. He further revealed, "We can't stop you to change your film. If you have 400-600 crores, you can spend and make this film but if you change the look of the characters so I want to say this that your film will not work because you are playing with the audience's beliefs by telling them that you are making Ramayan." He further added, "If you're making a film on such topics maintain the image of the story and the audiences' belief."

The Shaktimaan actor also revealed, “Saif Ali Khan’s character Ravaan looks like Mohammad Khilji and doesn't look like Raavan. He has been given a Mughal look. Are you making fun? Pardon me for saying it straight, but the film will not work, there will be reactions. With VFX or by spending Rs 100 - Rs 1000 crore you cannot make Ramayan. It is based on values, characterizations, performances, dialogues, and looks. But if you want to make it like Avatar, then don’t claim that you are making Ramayan. Stop saying that this is Ramayan." He also told that people will definitely react to this and the result will not be good. "I want to warn the intellectual and rich people 'do not use your money to change our rituals, religion or epics," he ended his video. 

Film Adipurush is a mythological movie and is based on the epic Ramayana, showcasing the triumph of good over evil. It is scheduled to release on January 12, 2023, in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.