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8th Sep, 2022

South superstar Ravi Teja's maiden Pan India film Tiger Nageswara Rao, helmed by Vamsee is making enough headlines right since its inception. It is a biopic on the infamous thief and is set in the '70s in a village named Stuartpuram. "I'm trying to change the way Ravi Teja talks, walks and his body language, getup too, will be completely different," discloses director Vamsee in a media chat. 

"We all know Ravi Teja's energy and the impact it has but in Tiger Nageswara Rao, I'm not trying to show anything of Ravi Teja. When you see the film, you will feel it is Tiger Nageswara Rao and not Ravi Teja. Talking about the action, of course, there are high scale fight sequences," reveals director Vamsee who is set to start the new schedule of the movie soon this month. 

Vamsee further discloses that they are making the movie on an uncompromised budget. "We spent 7 crores on set design as we had to create an entire village in Hyderabad, a place where robbers lived. Additionally, 4 crores for one more set. There is a huge canvas to it. As of now, we are not capping on anything on the budget since its open for the market now, as Pan-India, but this will be the biggest film in Ravi Teja sir's career is all I can say," promises Vamsee who has spent 2 years on the movie's R&D. 

Speaking about the movie's casting, the director shares, "Usually biopics that are done, are on great personalities and so, I wanted to take something different. Tiger Nageswara Rao is known for negative reasons but when I dug into his story and came to know the events, they were very goosebumps-inducing stuff. And it has to be a very natural take on this film, so I wanted Anupam Kher ji who has a high personality to narrate the story. I'm going with new faces for this film like Nupur Sanon and Gayatri Bharadwaj. Fictional characters I think can be played by any actor who is known but when it is about realistic characters and if you add somebody new, you will feel the character, freshness."