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1st Sep, 2022

The world-famous actress Priyanka Chopra has carved a niche for herself in Bollywood and Hollywood and also enjoys a huge fan following. The Fashion actress is enjoying her new phase of life as she recently become a mom when she welcomed her daughter Malti Marie Jonas Chopra with hubby Nick Jonas via surrogacy. Besides being an actor and a mother, Priyanka is a successful entrepreneur and has lately launched her haircare brand Anomaly in India on beauty and lifestyle focused e-tailer Nykaa. Recently in a media chat, the Quantico actress opened up about her new venture and also talked about her failures.

In a chat, Priyanka shared that she too had a fair share of failures in her life. On being questioned “if your point of view or perception towards failure changed over years.” Priyanka revealed, “I have had multiple things that haven’t worked out in my life, I mean I just don’t talk about them. I am not someone who rests on my failures. I believed, they are natural part of life and failure will happen to every single person. It’s what you do after failure that makes you the person that you’ll become and yes I do think as I am getting older.” 

Revealing about how she thinks about her failures in her 40s, Priyanka told, “I am 40 now, I think about it my approach to failure, it still hurts, it still stings, I still cry with my family and I really feel very shitty but you know I get up faster, I get up stronger than I would have in my 20s and I think that is now because I’ve built a career where I feel a lot more comfortable about the woman that I have become, the opportunities that I have, the career that I have been able to create, the love and faith, the audience have given me overtime and people who know about me, who care about me, I have had consistent support. You believe in yourself a lot more when you do something for a long time. And yes, off course, from where I started out to now, I’m a very different person and have learnt a lot more.”