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25th Jul, 2022

Recently, Farhan Akhtar hosted the Russo Brothers, accompanied by his business partner Ritesh Sidhwani, at his residence. At the meeting, the filmmakers talked about their work, trends in the Indian and western film industries, and content travelling globally, thanks to streaming giants. Farhan, who lately made his international debut with Ms Marvel, also touched upon the subject of globalisation of Indian actors. 

In a media chat, on being questioned about whether he foresees a time when actors could even swim across borders, The Don 2 director revealed, “Honestly, you are seeing the evolution yourself. How many actors or people from India were working in other parts of the world 10 or 15 years ago? You could count them on your fingertips. That has already changed. Irrfan was a great example, and Om Puri before him was another great example. Priyanka is doing exceedingly well and Alia is also doing a film now in Hollywood. So it is changing and I feel we have to be very grateful towards this push for diversity that’s happening within storytelling in the west. That plays a huge role and that is immediately inclusive.” 

He also opened up about his stint in Marvel as he revealed, “And that’s something I truly loved about Ms Marvel. That it’s about a Pakistani Muslim girl. To imagine that Marvel woud be making a story with her, and at the centre of it, is something very unique and new. And it was exciting to be a part of it." He ended by saying, “We are seeing the change happening and I am sure as time progresses we will see more cross pollination between the two movie making countries”.

Presently, Farhan Akhtar is working on a movie script, for his next directorial venture, which is suspected to be Don 3.