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12th Jul, 2022

Experienced actor Anupam Kher, who is readying for the 526th film of his career, believes in pushing his limits, whether it’s for his powerful acts or physical transformation. In a media chat, the 67-year-old actor opened about his fitness and what keeps him motivated. “Unless you make yourself uncomfortable, how will you inspire yourself and others? Age is just a number. Today, everything is possible; you just need to discipline yourself and stay focused. So, I decided to work on my fitness. My competition is not with the people of my age, it’s with the youngsters,” the actor told. 

Speaking about how his father how his father retired at the age of 58 and had retirement depression for three years, The Saaransh actor told, “Thankfully, we are in a profession where we don’t retire. I have a long inning to play and for that, I need to stay fit.” The 67-year-old actor is full of life as he wishes to work for 20-25 years more. The actor also believes that he’s just reached mid-way in his acting career. “I started at 28 and played a 65-year-old man’s role. Now that I am in my mid-60s, I feel I’ve just reached the interval of my career. I still have 20-25 years of work [left], if all goes well with my health and memory. That’s the joy of being in this profession,” he told.