Prithipal Singh... A Story

Disappointed with his Olympic bronze medal, Prithipal Singh quits hockey and joins a university. However, things get worse for him when he is accused of murdering a student.
Release Date: 30th Oct, 2015


It's the story of an Olympic champion; of a player who won three Olympic medals, gold (1964 Tokyo), silver (1960 Rome) and a bronze (1968 Mexico). It's the story of a man who crossed the border in 1947, who was witness to the partition carnage. It's a story about his struggles of making a new home, and with his skills becoming a legend in Indian sport. It's also the story of a man who took on authority for what he felt was right. It's the story of a man who was gunned down in front of the Vice-Chancellor's office with more than 45 eye-witnesses. None of them testified. It's also the story of a man we have forgotten. It's time the story was told. It's time his story was HEARD.