Tara and Sitara, two thieves, take shelter in Major Ram Singh's house. They are forced to deceive him when Cobra, a gangster, kidnaps their mother to get his brother, Panther, released from prison.
Release Date: 28th Mar, 2003


Sitara (Sanjay Dutt) and Tara (Govinda) are brothers who are notorious, lovable, small-town con-men who are always in trouble with the law. One day when the police are chasing them, they mistakenly shoot one of the most deadly criminals who goes by the name Cobra (Ashish Vidyarthi). They look for cover and find themselves at Major Ram Singh's house (Jackie Shroff) who got Cobra's brother Panther (Gulshan Grover) arrested because he and Cobra tried to steal a very advanced gun. Tara and Sitara go to Singh's house but, since he is an army officer, he at first doesn't allow them, but later does.

Living in his house for a while, Tara and Singh's sister (Nandini Singh) fall in love; Sitara and Singh's sister's friend (Amrita Arora) fall in love, too. One day, while in the house, they watch TV and learn that Cobra has come back. They realize that Cobra has kidnapped their mother (Himani Shivpuri) so he can force Tara and Sitara to get Panther out of Ram Singh's jail. They succeed in getting Panther out of jail. Cobra returns their mother.

Ram Singh realizes that he has been fooled by the two; they watch him on TV being embarrassed by the media. Sitara and Tara realize they should get revenge on Cobra and Panther. They go to Singh's house and tell him how they were forced by Cobra to deceive him. Singh forgives them. The brothers leave to catch the two criminals. They succeed and all ends well.